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6 Smart Reasons to Cold-Water Wash

If you think that cold-water washing cannot remove dust, stains (oily stains) and soil from your clothes, then you are wrong. Indeed, cold-water washing is an ideal way to retain the originality of fabric and make it clean, as well. Most people choose hot water because they believe it is the only way to remove tough stains; however, in reality, cold water also has the ability to remove stains.

You will be surprised to know that it not only helps to save the environment, but also money. Unquestionably, the benefits are quite amazing, and it works. Let us see how cold water washing works –

Modern washers are highly capable and powerful enough to handle any type of water and work wonders. They are capable of handling cold water to retain the original sheen of the clothes and remove dust, debris, stains and soil. They also have the ability improve results and keep your clothes in the best possible condition.

1.       Efficiently and safely remove stains – Cold -water washing can efficiently and safely remove any stains from clothing. Whether it is normal clothes, jeans or sweater, cold water can significantly remove soil and stains. Hence, you need not to worry about the clothing.

2.       Perfect for delicate fabric – According to some experts, cold-water washing is an ideal option for delicate fabrics and dark, or colorful fabrics. Cold water retains their color, strength and shine as well as never fade the colours.

3.       Good treatment for tough stains – One of the biggest myths among people is that hot water can significantly remove stains from the fabric; however, in reality not all stains respond to warm water and even shrink, fade, and wrinkle certain fabrics. Hence, we can conclude that cold water is a good option for people to get rid to tough stains.

4.       Energy saving – According to some energy surveying companies, people waste a lot of energy when they heat water in washing machines to wash their clothes. It not only increases global warming, but also energy bills. Hence, if you want to save environment and minimize energy bills, then you must bye to you to this habit. 

5.       Maintains originality – Most people choose cold-water washing in order to maintain the originality of their clothing. Indeed, cold-water never allow fabric to shrink or fade or bleed or colour transfer and hence, increase its life.

6.       Reduces wrinkles – Whether you want to minimize wrinkles or save energy cost, you can always rely on cold-water washing. Hence, we can say that cold-water washing is good for cleaning.

Tips –

·         Always use powdered detergents as they usually perform better.

·         Keep your washing machine clean when it comes to cold-water washing.

·         Always pay attention to the care tag on their clothes and treat them accordingly for better results.

·         Select your washing machine wisely.

·         Know the temperature before washing white and colorful towels.

·         Make sure to load separate – one for light color garments (white clothes) and another for dark color garments.

·         You can wash in hot water, if you have solar water heater; however, make sure you do it occasionally.

Facts –

·         Did you know? Hot washing can strip clothes of colour and cause fading.

·         Cold-water washing make sure clothes last long.

·         Warm water works well when it comes to defeat dust mites.

·         Washing in cold water is much better for total energy cost and the environment.

·         Did you know? Hot water can significantly decrease the life of your towels/jeans as it can weaken fibres and fade them.

According to a magazine, most people in both rural and urban areas prefer hot water when it comes to washing, which is an old practice. Modern washing machines and detergent powders are strong and innovative enough to eliminate dust and stains (soiled items and grease stains) with cold water washing, too. Hence, there is no need to waste energy and harm the integrity of the environment. Moral of the story is cold-water washing is highly effective, safe and economical.  That is why modern washers choose cold-water washing.  

Hence, it makes sense to opt for cold water first for washing. Besides that, always check the label before using any water for washing. With countless efforts underway, it is important that we participate in this initiative and save our plant. “Together, we can ensure a bright future.”

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